Redneck Farm Party

We are not sure how personal to make this blog so have avoided showing a bunch of family photos on here. However Anna’s Uncle had his 60th Birthday party last weekend and we found it to be quite the cultural experience so felt it was appropriate to share with you on our little blog.

As guest arrived at the party they were gifted a bandana with instructions to wear them throughout the night, why you ask? Well Anna has NEVER seen here Uncle Joe without a Bandana on his head (its his thing) so in honor of Joe his friends/family celebrated his 60yrs of life by wearing a bandana. Joe was smiling from ear to ear the entire evening, actually now that we think of it Joe is always smiling but on this evening it seemed a little big larger then usual. You can spot Joe in several photos usually we would point him out by saying ‘Joe is the one wearing the bandana’ however this description is unhelpful for such a party, so Joe can be found in the last photo. 

Side Note: Anna took the theme a little to seriously and dressed for the occasion, lucky she ended up looking like an average American so really she just blended in through out the night. It should be noted that no one else dressed up, seriously no one.






IMG_7819 IMG_7813



One comment

  1. Just found this post. Anna, your family looks like a ton of fun. Looks like it was a special, and yes- very cultural, evening! Way to get into it, you two. Awesome. Miss you.

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