Ditching School – Part One

Shortly before arriving in the United States we discovered that there was no semester break on offer during the Fall Semester. After a bit of thought we decided to pick a week where no assignments existed and skip school for the sake of exploring parts of America. We ended up at Colonial Williamsburg where we had visited three years earlier with Anna’s Parents.

Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history museum, the historic area includes buildings dating from 1699 to 1780. Early in the 20th century, the restoration and re-creation of Colonial Williamsburg was carried out by the Rockefeller family and friends with the intention of preserving America’s history. The motto of Colonial Williamsburg is “The future may learn from the past”. The Historic Area is an interpretation of a Colonial American city, with exhibits including dozens of authentic or re-created colonial houses, and some others relating to American Revolutionary War history.

Why did we revisit  a place we had already been to before you ask? Good Question.
This are is known as the historical triangle and with Mitchell studying American History he wanted to see a part of the triangle that he did not see during our trip in 2010.

What do you do in a town that is a historical destination, is it just museums?
We walked the town daily, went running through William & Mary College, and like any true tourist, we ate good food (including apple ciders to die for). When we are in Colonial Williamsburg we are in our element. It offers all things needed to create a truly fantastic M & A Oud holiday ticking all of our relaxation boxes (history, city, food, shops, culture, travel).

NB Photo overload below of mostly buildings… ok only buildings. We discovered upon returning home that our camera didn’t make it out of the bag much during Williamsburg.

IMG_0826histarea_sm-colormap.ashxIMG_8241 IMG_8136 IMG_8134 IMG_8128 IMG_0848 IMG_8249 IMG_8147 IMG_0849


One comment

  1. Wow, what an area so rich in history! Enchanting photos. I think my fav. was the 5th from the bottom- one with the orange brick house, and the autumnal trees. Such beautiful, warm colors in that one! Miss you guys. Your Christmas photo repeatedly brings a smile to my face. You two are golden. xx

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