Snow Days

Over Thanksgiving break we were lucky enough to have a small amount of snow cover the ground in Stewartstown PA. Only a week later we received two snow days in Philadelphia. On the first day the snow came in so fast that we got caught out during a Sunday grocery store trip and had trouble getting the car to drive up our steep driveway on the return trip home (ended with parking halfway and walking up the other half). We had one day where school was cancelled due to snow and although we had plenty of school work we were able to make time for sledding together.

Snow has truly been a blast for us here, the area we live in can go all winter without a snow which is what happened last year. This year has brought enough snow to make it fun and yet not too much to create havoc. However if we are honest we are stilling crossing our fingers for snow on the 28th December when Anna’s family gathers to celebrate Christmas and there is a killer sledding hill just crying to be used.




Exploring Philadelphia has been one of our favorite activities over the last couple of months, our only regret is that we didn’t get to see more of it. The city felt like one of those adventures that always has more hiding around the next corner, we just didn’t have to time to make it around each and every corner.

These photos were taken by Mitchell during and after Anna’s half-marathon in the city late November. Philadelphia carries great history and the architecture is a testament to the city through the years.


Ditching School – Part Three

Our last two days ditching school involved traveling back up to Philadelphia using a different journey then our route travelled earlier in the week. Our travels took us across the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, past fields of cotton and alongside Boardwalk filled beaches.


Ditching School – Part Two


Yorktown is part of the historical triangle and the only corner in this triangle that Mitchell had previously not been too prior to this trip. It was at the top of his must-do list since it tied in nicely to the American history paper that he was taking.

It was the location of a pivotal battle in the revolutionary war where the British General Cornwallis surrendered. You can read more about this battle here.

We took advantage of the self-tour CD for your car that leads you around the historical locations of the Yorktown siege.