NYC – Coney Island

Coney Island was on the top of our list of must do activities in NYC during our three days there, we didn’t want to go for the adventure or rides but instead we wanted to be immersed in all the hype that is Coney Island. We grabbed the Subway from Upper Manhattan and rode it all the way down into Brooklyn where Coney Island perches.

About 50 minutes by subway from Midtown the wide sandy beach of Coney Island has retained its nostalgic, kitschy and slightly sleazy charms.’ – Eastern USA Lonely Planet

1. Warm summer weather
2. Eating both lunch & dinner at the famous Nathan’s
3. Seeing men playing chess in the park, we walked so far to get to experience that moment and nearly missed it completely

1. Walking the wrong way for far to long
2. Not taking our swimming gear with us




Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

On our last day in NYC we visited a beautiful old Cathedral and nothing was off limits to tourist – so this was inevitable.

NB The name of the Cathedral has been intentionally left out of this post to avoid this image popping up in a Google search.

Leaving one concrete jungle for another

Leaving one concrete jungle for another one

Well, we are about to head off on our short adventure studying abroad at Eastern University in Philadelphia. Our plan is to update this little blog on a weekly basis to give you a glimpse into what we are up to throughout our trip. Words will be kept to a minimum as we let the photos do the talking for us.
Are we talented photographers? Indeed we are not, so please feel free to stop showing interest from now…. to be honest we know it is our Moms who will do the stalking on here, not the siblings, friends, or the random stranger who pops over by mistake (strangers may show up from time to time due to their search of the Arabic musical instrument known as Oud).